Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

Waterproofing for your basement or crawl space prevents water vapor from moving through walls. When vapor can pass through your walls, the moisture left behind can result in mold infestations and noticeable foul odors. Even worse, allergens from the mold can lead to health problems for you, your family, or employees!
In addition to keeping your environment safe for everyone, a waterproofed basement (and other rooms vulnerable to moisture) will help make the room more comfortable and enjoyable to be in! Thanks to waterproofing, the room won’t feel as sticky during the summer months, or as chilly during the winter.
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Create a waterproof Barrier

Waterproofing creates a seamless barrier that protects your belongings in the basement from water damage. Waterproofing enables a homeowner to add more living space! In fact, basement living space is the least expensive living space to build in a home. Now you can turn your previously unused basement into anything you want; a rec room, workshop, or entertainment area.

Stopping water penetration by waterproofing your basement will:

  • Protect your possessions from water damage
  • Increase your home’s living space
  • Keep the basement walls clean and dry
  • Eliminate mold and musty odors

Add more living space!

All waterproofing products need to have a functioning ground water drainage system in place. This is simply a pipe that goes around the bottom of a foundation and either drains water to daylight, or if that is not possible, then collects the water in a sump pit. From there a sump pump removes the water from the foundation area.

The purpose of a foundation drainage system is to remove ground water that accumulates around a foundation of a house and under the basement floor. Foundations that lack or have an improperly working foundation drainage system can have water actually enter the crawl space and in the basement at the joint where the floor meets the foundation wall.